This website is in construction. The origin of the controversial Tibetan teachers comes from this source.

The goal of this website is to explore this list, redraft a page for each case and design a simple profile page with resources and links, allow cases to be filtered by confirmed cases, ongoing judicial trials, convicted teachers etc…

It will take a lot of time and effort to create a useful website for Buddhists worldwide, a website that will help them know in advance what teachers and centers to avoid, and why, with information and links to objective information to help them make an informed decision.

Why ?

  • if Tibetan Lineage Holders are unable since decades to speak out publicly and clean the Temple, it’s up to civil society to do the work and protect innocent people from entering toxic cults drifting away and producing harm to innocent human beings.

How ?

How to help

  • Help raise awareness using social media
  • send any relevant information about unknown cases
  • send relevant information about existing and known cases
  • help us compile a list that will actually help people interested in Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism in particular
  • Suggest ideas info@abusesintibetanbuddhism.info


More than a decade ago, there was a domain called tibetanlama.com – it was a good idea that was then abandoned, why ?

This is a quote from the About page of this website now silent.

The mission of this website is to promote the true masters of Tibetan Buddhism and provide their teachings to people. Tibetan Buddhism is spread all over the world today with more than 200 million adherents of Mahayana and Vajrayana Traditions.

This website will list Tibetan Lama’s, Buddhist Teachers and Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana toxic cults in the hope that more harm can be avoided with the correct information available for people to make informed choices.


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  • Gurubusters (Sos Gourous) April 11, 2021
    Matthew Remski, un pratiquant et prof de yoga canadien, auteur de plusieurs livres sur le yoga, et depuis quelque temps un journaliste d’investigation sur les abus et les dérives sectaires dans des groupes religieux et spirituels, y compris le lien entre “Yoga”, New Age, ... et complotisme (“Conspirituality”). Ci-après la traduction automatique amendée d’un extrait […]
  • Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, a 'monk', was known to grope and sexually molest his female patients over many years April 10, 2021
  • Un faux problème ? April 8, 2021
    "Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden", le parc d'attraction de la Transmigration (photos : Shane Hawke)Comme d’autres religions, le bouddhisme expose le problème auquel il serait la solution, si ce “problème” n’est pas déjà généralement admis. À l’origine, ce problème était celui de toutes les sectes des Renonçants (śramaṇa) : la Transmigration incessante de “l’âme” ou du […]